Freedom & ease from human resource challenges

Your HR Process and Procedures is now a productive system. Put an end to the struggles and now recruit the best and quality talent for your business, onboard them in a seamless yet effective method, manage them for quality, efficiency and productivity, with a perfect exit plan through our ROME System.


With us you get best results!


All you need to manage the human resource cycle in your business with a system that works.

Improve & Optimize

It will help improve and optimize your HR process and procedures for efficiency and productivity.

Facilitate growth

Spend less time managing and more time growing your business without the hassle of human capital.

Do it yourself

Our system offers everything you need to be the hero in your business even if you do not have an HRM.


Recruitment system

Our 96.7% success rate of recruiting system helps you get all the applicants you need that aligns with the tailored job description & with an information system, simulated core competency assessment, interview and other procedure that helps get refined and top-quality talents for the roles opened. While you can do it yourself, we can also assist you were necessary.

Onboarding System

Let the tempo of talents entry to your organization be structured by gathering, organizing and analyzing talents data & ensure exposure to your organizational culture and integrate them to your system to ensure they are in-line with the uniqueness of your company and to leave a lasting impression.

People Management System

Get to sit at the heart of people performance, quality of work, salaries, leaves and other core operational activities of people in your company through our ROME System, by having the eye sight to see those struggling or thriving in your company so as to make strategic decision, analyze your return on time and resource investment and for growth.

Exit system

Exit is also a beautiful thing like entry. Find this out with our system to have the perfect plan to mitigate against the challenges that comes with the exit of talents is also in place to ensure succession, hassle free exit process, continuity and maintenance of relationship, while leaving no gap or space for inefficiency.

Documents and copies

With over 16 email copies template and 280 HR and employees document templates, you have all you need to create a structure for your HR process and procedure while you evolve. We can also develop tailored copies and document specifically for your use.

Web pages and tools

We design, develop and deploy all-in-one HR and office tools for all your HR needs and to automate your HR process and reports. We also setup web pages and other IT need to ensure smooth execution of your HR process and procedures.

Consultation and Trainings

We offer professional consulting, education, training, and human resource solutions for corporate and small business clients. It involves diverse tasks like business research, analysis, and management counseling with the aim of advising clients on building more robust and well-suited business and human resource policies, getting tailor strategies to implement certain operational process and so on.


Experience a synchronized HR journey with our Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Management, and Exit Systems.

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5% of any service requested goes to our corporate social responsibility as we contribute to the sustainable development goal by sponsoring training and refining of tech talent with our NGO partner Spak Africa


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